About the Exceptional Annual Healing Event within the Charismatic Teophanic Movement

An exceptional Event has been initiated by the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru and continues to take place every year in Costinesti since September 2015, within the open activities of the Charismatic Theophanic Movement. This event ”will make possible miraculous healings, exceptional spiritual transformations, as well as bestowing Godly Grace upon all those whom God the Father together with His angels, His archangels, His seraphims, His cherubims choose to benefit from the outpouring of godly gifts and grace that God the Father bestows from His infinite superabundance on this occasion”. All those who suffer from different ailments or conditions, who have a sincere faith in God and who aspire to receive and benefit from His Godly Grace can take part unrestricted and free of any charge to this Event.

All those who wish to take part in this Event will first fill in a registration form and will receive a personal pass, that will also be valid for the participation to the Event the coming years. Each participant needs to respect the internal set of rules which will be displayed where the Event will take place.

It is advisable that all who wish to take part in this Exceptional Spiritual Event to prepare accordingly by not ingesting any meat, fish, alcohol, coffee or drugs. Furthermore, in order to increase the chances of spectacular improvement or even healing of diseases and ailments through godly miracle, it is advisable that each participant to make the first important steps towards God, consisting of fasting several days as well as making a vow. These are additional and optional preparatory stages; they do not restrict the participation to the Event and all the details about the fasting days and the vow, as well as the suggested schedule for fasting, are published before each Event in the organisational section PARTICIPATION.

Thousands of people have already taken part in these exceptional annual events and many of them had miraculous, overwhelming effects sometimes during the Event, other times during the following weeks. These effects materialised as a significant improvement or even healing of different conditions. These authentic testimonials are accessible in the TESTIMONIALS section (for the time being, in Romanian only).

On this website you will find information which will be really useful in order to understand why we get sick, how we can rebalance and regain our health – which is in fact the natural state of the human being, which are the principles and mechanisms involved in the preparatory stages and in attending full of faith and enthusiasm this Exceptional Spiritual Healing Event, which is generously accessible to all.


Important advice from the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

“We advise you to take part every year, again and again, full of enthusiasm and legitimate hopes in this godly integrated spiritual event, as thus you will discover step by step that the miraculous healing effects which will appear in your being are cumulative, and the efforts to take part properly will be accordingly rewarded by the Good God.

If you will perceive little during your first participation, you can be sure that during the next participation you will, by God’s Grace, get to feel more and more, clearer and clearer, and the miraculous healing processes will become more and more obvious, making possible a permanent miraculous healing.

Please bear in mind that all the sincere, pure, faithful, loving and innocent efforts that you will make in this direction will be proportionally rewarded by the Good God, according to your merits. Only taking part again and again in this spiritual Event some of you will become convinced of all these through direct experience.

Overwhelming, indescribable inner experiences that you will have are every time unique, full of surprises and complex. Thus you discover that Good God embraces you ten times more when you manage to really make the first step (even a small one) towards Him and when you aspire to embrace Him inasmuch as you can. You will be thus convinced that ‘The ways of the Good God are full of mysteries and amazing surprises.’

Do not forget! Attend and deepen every year this godly integrated spiritual action which is at this moment unique on Earth, so you can receive and feel the different godly gifts that God offers us when we deserve them.”