Let us discover the mysterious, overwhelming presence of God the Father

In 2009 Gregorian Bivolaru initiated the Theophanic Charismatic Movement, a spiritual community inspired by the Good God, started in Romania within MISA School of Esoteric Integral Yoga, which aims to discover and experiment within the being the mysterious, overwhelming presence of God through simple methods that are full of wisdom and common sense.

In this Movement are invited all those who feel inside their being, in a profound and indescribable way, during various mystical experiences, the ineffable call of God, after having discovered in their being the intense aspiration to know God through different inner experiences, and to deepen these experiences through gradual, profound and ample communion with the mysterious, omnipresent and omniscient being of God, who embraces the whole godly Creation.

The path open by this spiritual movement is called “With God, for God, in God, unto God”.

Unique revelations

Within this Movement are regularly presented thoroughly documented theoretical lectures about the existence of God, lectures based on ineffable revelations and spiritual experiences that Gregorian Bivolaru had and still has.

In the Theophanic Charismatic Movement, godly revelations with regards to mysteries of various Godly Attributes are especially important. According to these revelations, the Godly Attributes are subtle sublime endless energies which exist for ever in the infinite Being of God. The specific frequency of vibration of these energies never changes. Thus, the participants discover for instance that the mysterious energy of love comes from God and is channelled in the universe of the human being when we love, and thus we discover that God is love, and love is God.

All these revelations are intimately correlated with another revelation offered by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, known as the Law of Occult Resonance by the thousands of members and sympathisers of this Movement. During overwhelming, unique, spiritual exemplifications which are supported by God, that are made after the consecration of their fruits to God the Father, appear in the being of the participants exceptional, mystical, supernatural states due to the effects of unison. The force idea is “A grain of sincere, authentic practice which makes it possible to discover God in the inner universe of the being is worth tonnes of theory.”

The Theophanic Charismatic Movement is rooted to a great extent in the esoteric teachings and revelations of Jesus Christ, considered – on the basis of mystical experience – from a perspective which leads to gradual discovery of the overwhelming dimension and esoteric aspects of Christianity. For example, the human beings who are part of this Movement will discover a new integrative perspective upon one of the 10 commandments: “Though shalt not be unrestrained.” There will be offered specific methods to control, through direct experience, the creative sexual potential, followed by sublimation of this immense energy which will be directed for a better, wiser use of this biblical “talent”.

Within this Movement there will be presented simple, accessible methods and techniques of mystical enlightenment, and there will be presented the steps of Godly enlightenment process from an initiatic point of view. This is aimed to help the enthusiastic aspirants to start living what it is called a gradual state of godliness in their being through the permanent help of God the Father.

The core idea of this spiritual movement is: ”I strongly and firmly manifest in my being an intense, firm, divine aspiration which is doubled by an unshaken faith in God. By nourishing it unceasingly, I nourish my soul. This aspiration manifested every moment will help me get closer and closer to God.”

This spiritual community which counts over 8,000 participants and which is already structured around the Theophanic Charismatic Movement aims to lay the foundation of a profound and authentic synthesis between authentic spirituality, lived through direct experience, and recent discoveries of science. This approach mirrors the words of the genius scientist Albert Einstein, who once said: “An ample and profound knowledge of Reality, of the divine laws of Manifestation, gets us closer to God.”

A direct relationship with God the Father

One of the aims of this mystical, spiritual Movement is to help as much as possible all those who wish and firmly, strongly aspire to go beyond the formal, dogmatic affirmation of the religious feeling, and to step into the field of discovering the mysterious being of God through direct experience. This way the aspirants are able to have a direct, profound, indescribable, personal relationship with God, and this relationship will take the shape of love.

For this purpose, participants in the Theophanic Charismatic Movement do in unison mystical meditations which are spiritual exemplifications catalysed by Gregorian Bivolaru with the help of God. These exemplifications are aimed both for beginners, as well as for those who over time have transformed themselves and became advanced. Such exemplifications are repeated periodically in order to deepen the mystical, spiritual experiences so that every participant can grow in spiritual experience and benefit more and more from what God offers them.

For the time being both the lectures and the spiritual exemplifications – done with the support of God and catalysed each time by the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru – take place during the MISA yoga camps organised every year in Romania, in Costinesti and Herculane.

Registration of all those who aspire to join this movement is done every year in Costinesti in August. Participation is free of charge. Moreover, participants are offered free CDs with lectures, films, important documentaries and books which help them awaken, open their soul and discover God both within their being, and everywhere outside their being.

The schedule of activities within this Movement is available on the website of the Theophanic Charismatic Movement (for the time being in Romanian only) and on the website of the online TV station MISA Senzaţional TV.