“In the absence of aspiration towards good, love, happiness, optimism, truth and justice, it is almost impossible to enjoy a perfect state of health.”

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

“The extraordinary gift of curing diseases and alleviating suffering through the mere presence or exertion of godly influence at great distances always comes from the supreme godly center.”

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

“We cannot rise above the state of suffering until we realize that we are, above all, the children of God the Father, and then the children of this earth.”

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

The most powerful and complete method of healing

with the help of God

Event open to the general public free of charge


The spiral, a geometric shape found in nature surprisingly often, which conceals unsuspected secrets


The Charismatic Theophanic Movement

About a truly extraordinary event of healing with the help of God 

Starting with 2015, every year in September takes place in Costinești, Romania, at the initiative of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, an exceptional event which is part of the open activities of the Theophanic Charismatic Movement. To this event, ”that will make possible various miraculous healings, some exceptional spiritual transformations…”


Right from the following day I did not have any pancreatic discomfort any more and in the weeks that followed, especially during the first three weeks, I noticed how my digestive capacity was recovering more and more.

I had an amazingly big surprise: the doctors told me that there was no longer any symptom of the congenital heart disease I had suffered from!

I began to feel, one by one, almost all internal organs, and so everything appeared to me as a profound beneficial restructuring of my whole being, acting in a transforming way to the deepest levels of my beliefs and convictions.
I can do Shirshasana [n.b. headstand pose] for many minutes, which I think is something miraculous for a person with two brain surgeries.
Following the MRI scan done after the 49 days, it was visible that the tumour I had on the right kidney and which was initially 58 mm big, decreased in size.

“It is wonderful to start as of now to thank full of gratitude to God the Father for these immense and inestimable gifts that he prepares, and from which we will benefit (those of us who deserve it), with the occasion of this godly integrated action.”

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru