I will summarize very briefly because there was a lot of information that was clarified and crystallized better in my consciousness during this extraordinary event and I thought I should share some messages of awareness with all our spiritual friends.

First of all I start from what Grieg told us, that this manifestation is supported by all the angelic hierarchies, and I want to tell you that in fact any manifestation related to our spiritual guidance, be it spiral, meditation, yoga class, however small, wherever it is is supported by all the angelic hierarchies. It’s a clearer awareness and I think it would be very good to realise it every day, even during our individual practice, because it’s like an extension of its consciousness, even when we practice at home these hierarchies support us. This is one point.

The second point is that, also from our guide’s statements, God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. Everything that exists takes place in His infinite and unique consciousness, nothing can take place except in this way, in His unique and all-powerful consciousness. And the message or crystallization of this message is an awareness that we should have daily. Basic health problems stem mainly from the individual sense of separation that generates fear, tension, which in time generates problems on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally. Respectively this feeling of separation is that part of our consciousness which is called ego and which is one of the tattvas created by God, one of the layers of creation created by God that we have come to experience in this physical body as well as the other typical human attributes. And the essential problem is that we only relate to the form, that is the physical body, thoughts, feelings, emotions, thinking that these are us, but they come and go, appear and disappear, including the physical body and we forget to relate to God in every situation. And like our colleagues, and like any situation in our lives we don’t ask ourselves the question: ‘What does God want to teach me in this situation, good or difficult?’ What does God want to tell me through the mouth of X, Y?” We forget to relate to God because we identify with “what I think, what I feel, what I want”, it is a very narrow level of consciousness and we forget that in fact only God exists, both in us and in others.

And we reach another important point, the lack of transfiguration, that is, we do not look at others around us as God, as the Self, as a being who is also sustained by God, and God speaks through her mouth for us to teach us something. Not relating in this way creates all kinds of tensions, all kinds of problems, both health and other problems that can become more pronounced over time if there is not this broader vision.

Another aspect is that if we don’t forget every moment to marvel at the Absolute mystery and at the greatness that is going on in us, around us moment by moment, that is, before God, this marvel automatically leads us to a spontaneous state of humility before the greatness of God, and this humility automatically leads us into a profound state of gratitude, because we are given the right and the grace to participate in God’s game and all we have to do is to enjoy moment by moment with humility and gratitude all the experiences that come to us, because all experiences come directly from God.

Thank you, beloved spiritual guide, and we hope to continue to enjoy your presence.

Thank you.

V.P., year 26, France