The following testimony relates to what I found 49 days after my participation in the Exceptional Spiritual Healing Event that took place on September 6th, 2015.

As I firmly resolved at the end of my participation in the Spiritual Event on September 6, 2015, 49 days after this event, I had a new MRI test. Following the MRI done after the 49 days, it could be seen that the tumour I have in my right kidney which was initially 58 mm has decreased in size. A slight decrease of 2 mm was noted, it is now 56 mm. The imaging doctor told me that the tumour has not progressed any further, that it is in slight regression and that there are no adenopathies.

As I had intended, for 49 days after September 6th, 2015 I lit a candle every day, thanking God in this way for giving me the spiritual opportunity to participate in this spiral meditation that was performed, with Grieg’s spiritual support, during the 2015 Exceptional Spiritual Event.

I am deeply grateful to my Spiritual Guide for helping me, also through this path, to enter into a state of deep spiritual communion with God. I notice the improvements that have occurred in my being and I am convinced that this spiritual experience will be able to lead me to healing, when God decides that this is possible. I thank God for the help He has given me and I intend to return to participate in the meditation at the Exceptional Spiritual Event whenever possible, as I aspire to an improvement in my health.

A.I.D, Slobozia