In the following I will share with you about some improvements in my health and some beneficial transformations that have occurred in my being as a result of my participation in the Special Event of the Theophanic Charismatic Movement on September 6th, 2015.

Since childhood I have had a defective spinal position. This spinal malformation has been a problem I have suffered from all my life so far for 46 years. Doctors told me that this malformation of the spine was somehow the manifestation of a so-called “genetic inheritance” I had come with. Personally, I realised this in a clear way when I saw that my nephews, my brother’s children, also had exactly the same spinal position as me, even from a very young age (3 years old).

When I was a child, my parents were advised by doctors to put me in a brace and then I underwent a series of medical gym sessions. I was quite stubborn at the time, so I didn’t stick to the recommended treatment, and my parents gave up eventually and stopped doing anything more in that direction. As I didn’t exercise much either, my spine then suffered obvious deformities of its natural curvature. Thus, I was diagnosed with kyphosis, scoliosis on the left side, lordosis, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, plus two discopathies, one thoracic and one lumbar, all of which then culminated in problems in all the joints.

Following my attendance at the Exceptional Event on September 6th, 2015 I began to feel, shortly afterwards, a certain tendency for my spine to stretch. I also noticed that in the immediate aftermath almost all the unpleasant symptoms that were associated with the health problem I was experiencing began to improve, little by little, but still noticeable.

I began to realise how these faulty spinal positions were related to certain disharmonious attitudes I had cultivated in the past and still believed in with great conviction. After attending the Exceptional Event on September 6th, 2015, I began to notice various states of blissful inspiration appearing to me. On this path I discovered how to change my inner point of view for the better in order to heal myself completely.

On this way I discovered some natural methods of healing, starting from physical exercises to do, to various other beneficial actions, which for me were new. At the same time, I was finding all kinds of valuable information that was related to what I needed for my healing and I noticed that I was meeting different people who were offering themselves with dedication to help me, but most of all I felt that these inspirations and this concerted help were all assisted by divine entities who were constantly helping me.

As I became aware of the various muscles connected with the position of my spine, muscles which I had never thought existed or had any important role in my body, I was also aware of a favourable repositioning of them. I began to feel, one by one, almost all of my internal organs, and thus everything appeared to me to be a profound beneficial restructuring of my whole being, acting in a transformative way, down to the deepest levels of my beliefs and convictions.

What I was aware of was not only an improvement on a physical, bodily level, but also a deep spiritual improvement. I confess that the transformative process I was going through was not necessarily always characterized by a “comfortable” state. Sometimes my being almost completely revolted because, I now realise, I was taking it out of an inertia, an ossified, rigid state, and moving towards a more flexible and relaxed structure.

I realised that it’s quite difficult to simply abandon a certain way of being that you’ve been used to for decades. But it is with great joy that I confess that the beneficial results have begun to appear. I have managed to improve my spinal position by about 70% in one year compared to the period before I attended the Exceptional Event on September 6th, 2015.

The doctor who has been treating me on a regular basis noted with surprise this difference for the better that had occurred in my health and was simply amazed at the progress in such a short time, and then congratulated me on this achievement.

I deeply feel that in the near future there is a stage of regeneration of the intervertebral discs that have been damaged and I hope with all my heart that next year I can report that this health problem of mine has also been successfully resolved.

I thank with my soul to the Good Lord and all the angelic entities for all the help and all the beneficial inspirations I received throughout the year!

M.L., Bucharest