This is a testimony of what I felt and feel, of what I have experienced and am experiencing in my being, as a result of my participation in the exceptional spiritual event on September 2th, 2016, within the Theophanic Charismatic Movement.

From the very beginning I was aware of the presence of a special spiritual field and of a very great spiritual support that helped me to enter and maintain a state of interiorization, inner attention, centering and inner openness to all that was to unfold on this occasion. Because I now knew, broadly speaking, thanks to my participation in last year’s Special Event (2015) the steps I was to take during the Event, I was able to savour at length and fill myself with all the sublime that poured forth in ever-increasing waves coming from God the Father and embracing my being in its entirety. The music chosen was overwhelming and totally inspiring and was a precious soul and mental support during the whole duration of the Special Spiritual Event.

As I prayed to God the Father for whatever I desired to be healed or transformed in my being, pure, godly, subtle energies with beneficial resonances, precisely modulated and representing the godly, healing, archetypal aspects of the situations to be healed and for which I was making the request for help and healing, poured into my aura one by one.

I was simultaneously aware of how these beneficial, godly, pure, healing energies began their beneficent action, some instantaneously, while others entered the aura and remained waiting for the right moment to act and which – I later found this – once created, enabled the resolution and solution (in a godly integrated way) of the problem or situation that required the godly intervention granted.

I prayed for my spiritual evolution. I was inspired to integrate a tapas with the Great Cosmic Power Matangi for the revelation of my destiny in this lifetime, which I am doing in parallel with the tapas of communion with Maha Shakti (started before the Event).

To my pleasant surprise I have noticed that the effects of these two tapas are already being felt even before their final fulfilment, which is surely due to the godly response and outpouring of grace following the prayers made.

I am experiencing more and more states of spiritual lucidity, of spiritual aspiration, I perceive a deep inner transformation that is gradually taking hold, and lately I am aware of the raising of the level of auric vibration, dreams and resonances in the astral plane are much improved.

I also feel how I am guided clearly, beneficially and precisely through the moments of the day to succeed in being in divine harmony, to fulfil my spiritual purpose step by step. I am becoming more and more aware and mindful in the choices I make. I feel how all this is part of a mysterious and ineffable process of transformation of my being. I feel loved, supported, embraced, constantly guided by God, by the beings of light through whom God manifests himself for me.

I will continue with another, but smaller, example. I prayed to have healthy teeth, to solve my rather serious dental problems, including finding a good dentist, and to have the money for dental work (I had been struggling for some time to solve these problems, but more often I had managed to make them worse because I had the wrong doctors, or there was no financial support). As soon as the prayer to God was made I felt the descent and then infusion into my aura of healing energies that penetrated inside my teeth and strengthened them and put them back in their original place, just as a mason puts bricks in the wall in their place, and the pains stopped. Then, returning to Bucharest, a friend recommended a good dentist I had already started going to. Now I got both money and small jobs to help me financially.

Both during the Special Spiritual Event and now I feel that I received the wise and gracious godly response of God the Father to my requests.

I thank to my Spiritual Guide Grieg for his immense compassion and unconditional love, both for me and for all of us, for having made and making all these miracles that come from God the Father for us, easily accessible to us, here and now.

I thank God the Father full of love and gratitude for His Grace which He pours out unceasingly and abundantly upon me.

E.L., Bucharest