I will testify about this yang spiral meditation I participated in this year, 2016.

First of all, I perceived a very great opening in the emotional sphere, at the level of what I call the unifying chakraanahata chakra. Then I perceived that in my being the chakras, the higher centres of force, were energized.

I perceived many godly attributes, including the Godly Attribute of Love, Compassion, Joy, Courage, Gratitude, Humility towards the Greatness of Godly Creation.

I perceived a unified state of consciousness, the state of being, along with other godly attributes. I perceived the support and sustenance of my guardian angels, the sustenance of God and the sustenance of Grieg.

Even as soon as I stepped onto this ground I already felt a very high state of consciousness, I felt refined energies, which gave me a state of elevation and everything seemed much easier, without problems, everything was superlative.

Thank you.

M.L., Bucharest