Last year I went for the first time to such a spiral and in short I can say that it was a survival struggle for me, because immediately my muscles tensed up and stayed so tense until the end and I barely resisted.

This year I thought I will be the same. It was not so at all, in fact I realised that by strictly following the instructions to drink water for 49 days, although I had not realised it before, I realised that everything I had learnt and received as initiations had subsequently produced transformations in my being and made me physically and mentally completely different. When I noticed that I was overwhelmed by thoughts, I sought to come back to the present, I sought to pray sincerely like a child, to identify what the problems were and even to pray to learn lessons from what was happening in those moments, in order to overcome them.

At one point, certain muscle contractions appeared. Somewhere from above, I thought it was the sun in that area although later I realised it was somewhere to the right, so from somewhere above I perceived a very intense light and a certain presence, triumphant I would define it, that was coming down from there. I can’t say that I could make out an outline very clearly, it was more like being in a space, in a room and someone is with you and you know who it is. As it was a glorious state that made my being vibrate, I couldn’t even feel the cap on my head that was squeezing me earlier, it was an exhilaration and the word Kalki Avatar came to me. Then I felt how from that area where Kalki Avatar was and other beings of light that surrounded him were going like tongues of fire, formations of flames towards us, those in the spiral. Then this perception of mine stopped, which for me was exhilarating and overwhelming, and towards the end I began to realize that something had happened that now had reverberations, produced certain states, it was in fact that flame that had been kept in my chest.

Towards the end, when we had to pay attention to the gifts that we were going to receive, to the godly attributes, I remembered that I had a guardian angel and then I had the sensation that he was holding his hand on my back, in the area corresponding to the anahata chakra, and spontaneously I noticed that above, to the left and to the right, there were angelic beings who were practically maintaining a continuous overflow of godly attributes in my being. I lay my head back with my eyes closed and enjoyed myself to the full.

At the gratitude stage I could physically feel how most of what Grieg said made my body tremble in a certain way and I was very glad. Compared to last year when I was glad to have endured, I am now glad for all that I received.

And one more thing, I clearly understood that a being that is delivered, becomes accomplished, perfected, (everyone  might choose to use another word), does not simply disappear. It produces beneficial effects for all of us, for the entire Creation.

I am glad that we are all here in unison, all pointing in the same direction.

P.D., group 11, Iasi