In August 2016 I noticed a stomach condition after what had been a very tensed and stressful time for me. I had great stomach pains that increased from day to day, I was vomiting absolutely everything I ate, I could not rest and so I decided to go to the hospital urgently, and the doctors’ diagnosis was: multiple gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcer caused by helicobacter pylori infection. On the very day of admission I had an endoscopy (a medical investigation with a video camera inside the stomach) which revealed this condition and which also aroused a certain suspicion in the doctor, which made him decide to take a biopsy to see what the nature of the affected tissue was. The result of this investigation showed the clear existence of this condition – multiple ulcers.

After a 5-day period of hospitalization during which I was given a course of antibiotics, I was discharged with a recommendation to follow a 10-day course of antibiotics and 30 days of antacid medication, plus the appropriate diet for the condition. Immediately after I was admitted I wrote a few lines to our spirit guide Grieg and asked him to support me in this problem I was facing, to heal me as soon as possible and asked him to recommend a herbal treatment for my healing. The ”paranormal” answer came, I could say, lightning fast, because after 2 days of hospitalization I had no more stomach pains.

For me it was amazing to see that my bed neighbour, a young man of about 27 years old, who had the same condition – ulcer and who was following pretty much the same treatment schedule, although he was admitted 7 days prior to my admission in that hospital ward, he still had stomach pain, although he was on daily medication, just like me. This was the first miraculous sign that something for the better had appeared in me, a state of optimism was then born in my being and I hoped that at some point healing would come. I related inwardly to Grieg’s sphere of beneficial influence and sought to feel more and more in resonance with this beneficial state. I invoked God’s Grace and the state of perfect health. If until the onset of my illness I felt and thought that it was beneficial and useful to participate in the September 2nd, 2016 event in Costinești, now, after discovering this condition, I was eager to participate in this special event and even hoped to be able to benefit from this Godly Grace of miraculous healing.

A week after my discharge from the hospital, I attended the Theophanic Charismatic Movement event on September 2nd, 2016 in Costinești. During this special meditation that I attended, it is necessary to admit that it was not easy for me to resist standing up during the whole period of that special manifestation because I was quite weak and did not feel vital enough. I didn’t have a particular experience that was very special, but I still felt a pleasant and comforting inner atmosphere and a great energetic support that came from GOD. I should mention that after I returned home, so after September 5th, 2016, I started to do the antibiotic treatment and I also started to do the herbal treatment that was recommended to me. The doctor told me to come back at the beginning of October for consultation to see how my health condition has developed and for the medical investigation to be repeated. During all this time I tried to have a proper diet, with cooked and baked foods, easy to digest, I tried to avoid foods that cause me acidity and to have a more balanced inner attitude. On October 7th, 2016 I repeated the medical investigation – endoscopy, which was attended by a group of 7 medical school students. At the end of this investigation the doctor was simply amazed at what he had seen with the camera inside my stomach. I had a completely restored stomach. Immediately the doctor played – comparatively – the video of the August investigation to show the students this really astonishing difference that had appeared in me in only a month and a half. The doctor then decided to do another biopsy on me to be fully sure of what he had seen on camera, and the biopsy result totally confirmed what the doctor had seen – my healing, which I consider miraculous.

The living, conclusive proof of this are the results of these tests, which were positive at the beginning, and after only a month and a half they became negative, while I have heard several cases of people with the same condition who even after 4-5 years of treatment have not managed to stop or completely cure this disease. I consider and even currently feel that this amazing cure is a divine miracle. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for what has happened and I am grateful both to God and to Grieg who as a misterious channel has made this totally exceptional spiritual manifestation possible.

Anonymous, Bucharest