I will testify the spiritual healing at the soul level that happened to me during last year’s event.

For a long time I had felt in my soul a strange, unnatural, painful state of split between living in Christ and relating to my spiritual Guide. For this soul wound I prayed to God during last year’s Event and by the end of the meditation, on the very morning of last year’s Event, my soul was healed into a state of godly, blessed unity, a state of soul health.

I thank God and Grieg gratefully for this, even now.

Also, the 12 days of fasting I kept with amazing, extraordinary ease, from where I couldn’t keep a single day of fasting, I would have a headache halfway through the day, moving from one bed to another, from one chair to another, I just couldn’t keep fasting.

During tonight’s meditation with the Godly Attribute of Godly Health I felt that health means harmony between all planes of being (body, mind, soul, spirit), harmony between the being and God and harmony between the being and the rest of the world.

B.G., Bucharest