For me this spiral was a continuous abandonment into God’s hands. It started with a very strong activation in the chest area, at the anahata chakra level, but on the right side, where I feel the seat of the soul and Self in my being. I filled myself in that area and the first thought that came to me after that, was that I could be in this spiral until the end, to surrender and be relaxed so that I could be shaped by the energies that God the Father is pouring into my being. I say this because many times I have participated and wanted to do certain actions, but I did them in a stubborn way and now God has guided me and made me understand that only through a state of relaxation, of surrender, will I be able to bring my engagement in this event to completion.

Basically the whole spiral has been a continuous surrender on deeper and deeper levels. At some point there were different nuances that I felt in my soul, I felt the state of delight, of beauty, of love that God was pouring into my being. And at one point I even began to feel the tensions in my body. I have a back pain in my lombar area and I felt how, although the energy was pouring down from above, yet from the base of the spine the energy was not able to penetrate this pain that I had in my lombar area and then somehow I amplified the state of aspiration in my being, telling God how much I miss Him and feeling Him in my whole being and I felt God telling me that this pain that exists is also related to the fact that there are certain lessons that I have not understood and that I have not properly engaged certain energies in my being and that He with great compassion and patience is waiting for me, but there are lessons that are necessary for my soul to learn.

I had an inspiration at one point, I don’t know where it came from and I simply focused on the pillar that is in the centre of the spiral and I felt how this focus on it also produced a vertical centering and orientation of the energies, so simply all the energies aligned in my being like a column of light from the bottom to the top.

I would like to say one more thing about the next 49 days. Last year after attending the event I had different inspirations, guidance, and on the 49th day God gave me the chance to choose for total healing, I had to choose in a certain way a certain attitude. At that time I did not realize it, but the choice I made was not inspired, because after the 49 days were over I still did not feel fully purified and I think that this period of 49 days that follows from this moment is absolutely necessary to pay attention to all the inspirations and guidance of God, so that we can really complete this process that started today with this exceptional event.

Thank you with all my heart.

D.G., year 29, Bucharest