I experienced a miracle in this meditation. I felt a very intense and powerful state of communion with God, which had two phases. In the first phase I began to feel a very strong presence in the right side of my chest and I could perceive the translation of consciousness, in a split of a second, through the koshas. I deduced that this happened so because when I reached the last kosha I felt a state of ecstasy, of bliss. And I remained in this state, I felt my consciousness very expanded and then I invoked Grieg and asked him to help me perceive God.

I also did Shambhava Mudra and this was the moment when God came and took my whole being, my Supreme Self Atman or soul, I don’t know exactly, and I felt myself going out of the body through the top of the head in an upward direction towards the sky. I remained in that moment  without breathing, without the perception of space and time. I don’t know exactly how long this moment lasted, but it was very very powerful and I am very grateful.

Thank you.

B., year 2, Bucharest