I want to testify about my experience from last year’s event.

Only six months after the event, so in March this year, I managed to kick my addiction to some very dangerous drugs that I had been taking for 13 years.

At this year’s experience, today, I felt very beautiful, something I have not felt in any spiral. In the very first seconds of the beginning of this spiral, for me it was like the heavens opened up. There was a really, really great energy going through me and I had a state from God where He actually let me do pretty much what I wanted to do. I really thought: now I can pray for everyone.

Then I did the invocation of the angels, of the archangel Raphael, but I was referring to such an angel or to Jesus and I was also receiving a very, very great wave of energy, which I felt was flowing through me. This is what I felt tonight.

Thank God and Grieg.

T.O., Bucharest