I want to share with you what I felt in today’s meditation.

At the beginning of the meditation I sought to understand, in my case, what it means to take that step towards God and I made an inner resolution to apply everything Grieg told us in the initial message, that is to amplify my faith as much as possible, to the point of unshakeable faith in God, just as Jesus told those he healed: “Your faith has healed you”. So a very important element seemed to me to amplify my state of aspiration. I asked myself the question, “What does a frantic aspiration towards God mean?” and at one point, during meditation, I felt an upward movement on my spine, like an ascending momentum, going up to sahasrara, and at one point I felt sahasrara opening very deeply. I actually felt myself communicating with a higher plane, with the Kingdom of God, I said to myself, and I felt from that moment until the end of the meditation, a state of divine Grace, a state of sacredness, of holiness, pouring over me in waves, which actually filled my being and made me spontaneously focused in sahasrara, without any effort.

At the same time, I felt a very deep gratitude to God at the soul level. I felt how God actually manifests himself through Grieg, how Grieg is a perfect relay, in fact, of God the Father, and I felt the power of God manifesting itself through him in my being and an overwhelming love for God, for Grieg, who I actually felt could heal everything. I felt at one point that the deepest “illness” of the human being is the state of selfishness, which must be transcended as soon as possible.

I want to thank God and Grieg.

C.M., Cluj-Napoca