At this event I aimed to maintain a state of communion with the angelic entities after the process began. I have an affinity with Archangel Uriel, so I perceive, and I aimed to make blessings in my heart for Archangel Uriel and all the guardian angels that were around us. Instantly a state of intense love was triggered, I perceived an extremely strong energization that held the zodiacal strings, my whole being began to vibrate intensely, to be gripped by this state of wonderful love and from the level of the muladhara chakra to the top of the head there was a very, very intense vibration, my whole being dissolved into an ecstatic state of overwhelming happiness and love, the limits of the body no longer existed.

I watched in amazement this manifestation of God’s love that energized me in a specific way, I felt nuances of love difficult to put into words, and all this I perceived through this communion with the archangel Uriel and the guardian angels, my guardian angel in particular.

At the other stages I perceived a state of stillness of being, a state of detached witness and until the end of this wonderful meditation I sought to maintain a state of communion with the guardian angel through the prayer “Angel, my angel”. I could perceive very clearly after the prayer was finished this intense communion with the guardian angel through a state of extremely energetic mental emptiness, extremely full of vitality and happiness.

Thank you very much.

V.B., Bucharest