I would like to thank my Spiritual Guide for this spiritual holiday which was special for me especially for the richness of spiritual experiences. I confess that the Special Healing Event on September 2nd, 2016 had indeed for me a maximum of experiences that I wish to share here through this testimony.

In preparation for participating in the Exceptional Spiritual Healing Event I kept, throughout the holiday, a raw food diet where I ate predominantly vegetables, fruits, nuts, peanuts, seaweed and buckwheat. I confess that although I have even kept this kind of diet for longer periods of time, up to a few months in a row, this time it was much easier for me to follow it, being bathed in the subtle spiritual field of this year’s camp, 2016. Throughout the whole period I had a lot of energy, hardly felt hungry at all, and felt really good, having predominantly a state of mental clarity and efficiency.

Keeping this raw food diet, I perceived the elevation of my vibration level, I even experienced the triggering in my being of states of spiritual intuition, I surprised myself by perceiving the thoughts of others around me, I telepathically perceived even before the exemplifications of the 2 subtle perception challenges of the Miss Shakti contest the correct answer to both exemplified states. I also became much more sensitive to the beneficial subtle energies of those around me. I also found that the ability to select perceived energies was amplified in my being, and I was happy to find that I was able to choose, to select from the environment the refined subtle energies, instead of the lower energies that sometimes took me over.

At the Exceptional Healing Event on September 2nd, 2016, from the very beginning I felt translated into a subtle angelic world, where I could see thousands of angels descending on a ladder of light to the Earth at the meditation venue. I subtly sensed how each participant is embraced and helped to purify themselves with great love by the angels.

I subtly sensed the presence of the Spiritual Guide above the angels, somewhere on a very high vibrational frequency plane and very close to God.

Then I asked God to help me heal both my body and soul. My body issues consist of having a pain in my left knee that came on since January 2016 from running on the treadmill at the gym and also a pain in my right hip, which is amplified when I do certain asanas or meditation postures.

On a soul level I begged God the Father to help me learn forgiveness, overcome my limitations related to resentment and purify myself at a soul level. The problem I still face is that it is not easy for me to forgive, although so far I have tried to apply forgiveness therapy with some results, but I have not fully assimilated what I needed to learn about forgiveness.

Shortly after this invocation of God’s help I began to feel very strong vibrations in the area of the crown of my head, the dynamization of the supreme centre of force sahasrara, and I perceived a flow of extremely refined subtle energy pouring from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, having a brilliant white colour with blue iridescence. This subtle energy bathed me completely and my whole being, my whole body began and continued to vibrate for quite a long time during the meditation interval, approximately for the first half. This subtle energy flowed in uninterrupted waves and generated in me a state of soulful exaltation and refinement. I felt as if I had taken a cleansing bath of spiritual light.

In the second part of the meditation I subtly visualized the presence of several archangels, such as Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, I perceived the spiritual presence of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, who lovingly embraced all of us present at this meditation and supported us, together with our guardian angels, in this entire mystical healing process.

I also had the perception of a telepathic message from my Spiritual Guide, in which I was directly advised to seek to live as deeply as possible the spiritual states of humility and love. This was for me the most important message of this spiritual camp.

Shortly after the meditation I began to feel an energetic pulsation on my spine, which manifested roughly between the body projection areas of the manipura chakra and anahata chakra force centres. This pulsation remained continuously active for several days after attending the Event.

Look that today, 3 days after the September 2,  Healing Event of 2016, I met a friend who gave me a healing back massage. Being an experienced practitioner, he sensed the existence of an energy blockage in my being at the back level and applied some energy clearing maneuvers. The existing energy blockage gradually diminished after the massage, but it still hasn’t completely disappeared.

I realized that the area where my friend identified the energy block coincided with the area where I felt the persistent pulsation after the meditation on September 2, 2016. I thus realized that more time and energy is needed for deep healing. I then wondered what exactly would be necessary for a full healing, but soon afterwards I realized that I had already received the answer since September 2, 2016, when I perceived that telepathic message referring to the need to assimilate the states of humility and love. I then firmly resolved to do just that, starting right now.

I would like to thank God, the Spiritual Guide, the angels and the Archangels who are constantly assisting us in this mysterious healing process. I have great hope and confidence in my full healing and purification as a result of participating in this spiritual process.

I thank the Spiritual Guide with all my heart for the dedication with which he guides us on this exceptional spiritual path and I wish to be as close to God as possible.

D.C., Denmark