I also participated last year (in 2018) in this special spiral and I want to confess that at that time, in those moments, I can’t say that there were some great states, like a miracle, as some may expect. But along the way, and not only in those 49 days that were mentioned, I felt a healing of the biggest problem that I had in this life and that I also became aware of. I consider that disease to be a very serious one, now I feel that it simply does not exist anymore, that I am cured. It is not necessarily a physical problem, but rather a spiritual, soul problem.

That illness is called lack of communion with God the Father. This includes a lot of things, I can list some of the things that some of you are dealing with, such as lack of willpower, inability to perceive, to be able to live unconditional love, very strong inhibitions that I have been dealing with, I can say, for a lifetime now. All these I feel as they should be resolved by now, and I can tell you as a confirmation that since this phenomenon of entering more and more deeply into communion with God the Father has happened in my life, especially lately, especially since I have been here in this camp, synchronicities have appeared not so every now and then, for which once I was very happy, “ah, here is a synchronicity”, now therefore I tell you without exaggeration that this phenomenon happens almost at every step.

Another aspect that confirms me and that may help you to believe these things is the fact that for quite a long time I have been living a state of permanent, continuous happiness and fulfilment. Another aspect: many godly revelations have appeared, extraordinary techniques with the help of which I have managed to overcome many, many problems that I thought were impossible.

In relation to this state of entering into communion with God the Father I can tell you briefly the following: this is at the same time both almost impossible to achieve, but also something natural and instantaneous and very easy to achieve. It all depends on our state of humility, because when we reach this state, God effectively “moves” into our being.

What I would like to say is to think about the fact that even physical illnesses are somehow linked to certain problems of the soul, and it is basically because of this lack of communion with God the Father that physical illnesses also appear, which, as they say, in the phase in which they appear is already very serious.

Thank you for your attention and I hope to meet here again safely. I thank to all of you who have been with me and I can tell you that I embrace you and that I love you all very much.

E.V., group 12, Bucharest