I would like to share with you how I felt after last year’s event on September 6th, 2015.

7 days after attending this Event I had a dream that I consider deeply meaningful. In order to explain why I consider this experience significant, I first want to tell you what my suffering was until last year. For about 20 years I have had a pollen allergy. I have been dealing with it and ended up with allergic asthma, with the excruciating symptoms of coughing during the months of May and June, when there is a lot of pollen outside and those unpleasant sputum-like symptoms make you choke.

In that dream I had last year I saw myself clearly, it was as if it was airborne. I was clearing my lungs of expectoration, like clearing a glass of cream, from which you take your finger and throw it away. The images were very clear, as if they were real. I thought to myself at the time, “Interesting! But let’s see how I’ll feel in the spring, in May, or June or July, when there will be a lot of pollen and when I usually have bad attacks?” Well, I was very happy to find that this year, in May, June and July I didn’t have any of those nasty attacks I used to have in the past.

Thank you.

H.D., Sibiu