A month before the camp I had a preinfarction and since then I have had heart pain and pressure in my left hand almost every day and at night. Just today when I came to the event, sitting in that row I was a bit worried because I still felt a painful pressure in my heart, mostly due to the heat and having to carry my backpack on my back. To my surprise, during the exceptional meditation I didn’t have any pain at all, neither in my hand nor in my heart, I was feeling extraordinarily well in terms of physical and vital health. This health problem occurred to me due to overexertion and against a background of fatigue and stress, so the doctors told me, and being very weak I ended up like this. So I can say that in my case the spiral went miraculously. Even now I don’t feel any pain, although for two months I felt constant pressure in my left hand and all kinds of pain in my back, chest, stinging in my heart, but and now I feel none of these.

At the same time I want to thank the Spiritual Guide for the “Bouquet” conference, I feel that since that conference my purification and healing of the soul has really started. I felt your overwhelming love and you proved to me that you are an example of a spiritual hero, a vira. At the same time I promise that I will listen to the “Bouquet” conference 99 times, so that I will never doubt your love, yours and that of God the Father, whose perfect Relay you are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I.A, year 19, Athens