I’ve been coming to these special events since the beginning. The first time I came out of curiosity, pleasure and to have better health. The second and third time I came because I had an accident and I came on all fours, I mean with my hands on my knees, and I left here on my two feet, I mean the effect was tremendous, right away. I felt how my spine seemed to burn with fire and was recovering, that the nerves reacted, that I had no more pain, I could walk upright.

In this spiral I felt all over my spine, punctually at the vertebrae I have affected, a very strong warming, a strong energization, as if someone was working there and healing with energy. Now I feel better and have no pain anywhere. I am still following the herbal treatment. Combined these two – the special healing events and the long term herbal treatment, our health gets better and better.

I thank Grieg for organising these events in order for us to have better and better health and be tolerant and forgiving. Some of us come here gravely ill, to heal. The fact that some don’t make it to the end, still sit in the chair or even in vajrasana or hold hands I don’t think would be an impediment to the spiral flow of energies. Because I couldn’t sit in vajrasana when I was badly injured, I sat horizontally, yet I still felt the effects, and colleagues were tolerant.

I thank you all.

V.C., year 30, Iasi