This was a very miraculous spiral for me. I was confronting myself with many purifications at psycho-emotional level and some kidney disarmonies. My intention was to harmonize myself at psycho.emotional level and at the level of the subtle inner fire.

I felt from the beggining how we were surrounded (in circle) by many light beings. At a certain point, after entering at the level of vijnanamayakosha, I felt the presence of a seraphim above my head. He was very big. I have no idea the characteristics itself of a seraphim but I intuitively knew it was one. He was surroundind my being and impregnating a celestial blue light around me.

Then, at around 12 to 15 fingers above my head I could see, in the field of my consciousness, that the Seraphim put a kind of dark blue etheric crystal with the shape of a long diamond. That crystal was emanating a ray of blue light towards my head and actually my whole being, going through my sushumna nadi.

At a certain point I stopped perceiving the work of this crystal and I understood this was happening because I identified myself with some thoughts and emotions…

I also realized how important it is not only to ask for help, but to be at the level of the help that we receive. That level, in this experience, was the supramental. So every time I entered the supramental, it was as if I could access the code of all potential help I can receive.

Along with this beautiful experience, I felt the spiral was very fast and pleasant. I could feel better right away! And the last beautiful confirmation that I received godly help is the fact that I received from our spiritual guide the news that my inner fire is finally harmonized… and this was one of my intentions during the spiral!

I’m grateful for all that God offers us, and to all people who are channeling His immense compassion.

R. R., Portugal