Even before I started the spiral, just before the meditation we had at noon, I felt a pain on my spine in the anahata chakra area, a pain that has been bothering me for a long time. I got a blockage there that went away just before I started the spiral, I mean I thought it would be good to go away and it did go away. So already at the healing spiral I was in very good shape, I felt ready, I felt that I had good health and I somehow felt that perfect health would actually mean the living liberated state, that this is the maximum of health, because life in the ego is like a kind of “sickness”, so to speak, compared to the liberated state or the primordial state, as we were created by God, the state or form that He wants us to return to.

And the moment I engaged in that way, I felt very happy that this idea came to me, I felt the joy of God coming to meet me. So I committed myself to connect with God, to feel Him as much as possible and it was like a love relationship, I really felt like I was running towards God and the music seemed to support me. At one point I said, “But why should I run to God, because God is in me, He is everywhere”. And then a multitude of feelings followed, from tenderness, to greatness, glory, and the music really inspired these feelings, but I felt them very beautifully, very intensely, very colourfully, very vividly.

That’s what I wanted to say, thank you very much.

R.C., group 29, Bucharest