I listened to the previous testimonials and especially the last one caught my attention. Indeed, I too have noticed that when we connect to the higher structures of the being, the perception of the physical body changes and therefore the pains are greatly reduced.

I have a knee problem, it is an autoimmune disease and allopathic medicine does not know how to cure it. I’ve had this problem for a long time, but at the end of last year my knee was presenting quite well and I made the mistake of playing tennis at one point. I think something happened then and it hurt really bad after that, so in April this year I had knee surgery again and I didn’t even think about standing, I had brought a chair, but I just stood during the spiral.

The way I managed this was simply to connect to the supramental level. In fact Grieg even specifies this in the instructions he gives us before we start the spiral, to aim to connect to the supramental. The effect is immediate, in the sense that there are many phenomena at both the physical and the psychic level and I personally feel that, as soon as I make this gesture of raising my gaze in this state of aspiration towards God, I know that what is essential in my being is there and there is a very, very great aspiration to go there and the effect occurs. That’s how I’ve lasted the whole spiral and now I feel very well.

I thank you all for doing such wonderful things together and I thank Grieg, and I thank angels and God.

A.V., year 26, online course