I want to share with you my experience last year.

I wasn’t in the country, but I held 5 days of fasting and related to Event from the place I was in. I was in nature and had been asking a question in my heart for some time about godly love versus human love. I was sitting somewhere on a bench with a very good friend and I was looking at the trees and there was a very soft, very pleasant light pouring around and at one point my eyes fell on a little leaf. Like in a fairy tale, this little leaf somehow rose up, it was more of a vishuddha level perception, like in a fairy tale, and it began to call out and say: “Only I want the sunlight. Only I deserve it.” And then it was somehow as if the light was resorbed and there was one beam of light, falling only on that one little leaf and the rest was darkness. Then I had a very interesting perception about this message that God was putting in my heart through this little story. It was a very beautiful message of godly love, which was for me at that moment like the light of the sun. I understood that godly love should be understood, analogically speaking, as the love of the Sun, which is given to us all.

Now related to today’s event: I have been experiencing some chest tensions for some time and I have been praying a lot for their resolution and harmonious alchemy and I would like to tell you about some extraordinary moments of Grace I experienced during the Spiral. At one point I even related to the force idea: “When the human being takes one step towards God, God takes 10 steps towards it and the impossible easily becomes possible.” And it was very beautiful, because by relating to this idea, I felt as if my soul was ascending very strongly and I perceived Grieg supporting me in this process. At one point I really had the perception that the heavens were opening up and there was a lot of Grace here and I really enjoyed it. And one more moment of Grace that I want to mention, at the end, from the awareness, where I could perceive an overwhelming Grace and even some exceptional Godly Attributes, the Godly Attribute of Godly Love, Godly Compassion, Godly Mercy, Godly Bliss, Godly Purity and a totally exceptional outpouring of Grace, for which I am very, very grateful. I feel like I am in a healing process and thank you very much that we are here together.

Thank you to Grieg and the angels of light that surround us and may we hear only good things.

M.I., Cluj-Napoca