I am deeply moved and overwhelmed by everything I have felt tonight. From the very beginning I felt the heavens opening up, that’s how I could put it in words, and I felt the overwhelming energy of God, nuanced in all sorts of aspects that were actually pouring into my being. At a certain point I could no longer feel the top of my head and I felt the presence of God pouring into my being the godly energies of love, of holiness, very, very many aspects were given to me. I also felt angelic presences. I confess that lately I have been experiencing a kind of closing of my heart due to some, let’s say karmic events and today I actually felt my heart opening and my soul healing and I am deeply grateful and overwhelmed by everything I felt. At one point when those godly energies were pouring out I also felt the aspect of godly harmony in the way that everything is perfect as it is in this very moment.

A month ago I was experiencing some kind of sinusitis and I was having some serious symptoms, I even decided to go see a doctor after the camp, but I found to my amazement that today those symptoms are gone too.

Thank you very much and I want to add another metaphor about what I felt: like heaven on earth, that’s pretty much how I perceived it.

Thank you very much.

E.S., year 25, Oradea