I have two aspects to testify. One is that last year I was still a workaholic, i.e. I was working hard and mindlessly. After that event, somehow there was an awakening, and work, from last year onwards, I mean volunteering, became a kind of celebration.

What I felt today was like “jumping over the fence” into a kind of Garden of Paradise, where I felt these sublime subtle energies and Godly Attributes as trees full of fruit full of flavour and delight, and in fact what I understood today is that we are healthy when we are constantly eating from these fruits. The only thing that I felt today about how it is good to enter this garden is this state of humility. I really felt today, at gratitude, a very deep state of humility, which made it very easy for me to enter into this garden full of miracles.

Thank you very much.

R.C., Bucharest