As soon as the event started I felt very clearly, unlike in other years, the importance of the 12 days of fasting plus the 13th. The cleansing effect is extraordinarily intense, plus the state of happiness that comes from this cleansing is overwhelming.

I have resolved to be firmly focused on asking God for help in the state of healing of body, soul, mind and spirit. Having this idea fixed in my consciousness, I noticed, however, how the tendency of the mind to dissipate arose and I immediately returned to the idea of a firm focus on God and the help that comes from Him through angels, archangels, seraphim and cherubim.

Because of this state I clearly felt parts of my subtle body dissipate, which represented the residue, in place of my thoughts remaining a warm light, not feeling the weight of the body, but only a sublime happiness. Feeling that this was a gift that came from God because of my firm intention, I continued to focus by continually asking for help. This brought me an overwhelming state of bliss, helping me to get in touch with the angelic world which I perceived of an extraordinary soul warmth, of a pure light, of an overwhelming understanding of what was around me continuously supporting me and facilitating the process coming from God.

Continuing to desire to remain in communion with the angels, I felt at one point the clear difference in the energetic manifestation of the higher planes, the archangels and cherubs. I was able to stay focused on them less, but I was not discouraged, still wanting to stay with the angels and focused on the idea of communion and help coming from God through them.

Also, in the wake of this multitude of states of joy, of overwhelming happiness, of gratitude to God, I felt at one point the presence of the world of the gods and communion with them, how they were present among us and supporting us.

At one point I perceived the presence of my guardian angel and how I was on a luminous path that had on the left and on the right two walls that turned into light and my guardian angel was both with me and at the end of this corridor, guiding me and supporting me, me at the same time asking for a divine inspiration from now on as strong as possible so that everything I do, I do in accordance with my mission and with the deeds that are pleasing to God.

Also, having perceived the presence of my guardian angel, I perceived the presence of the guardian angels of the other beings in the spiral.

For me this exemplification was of an extraordinary, overwhelming, luminous happiness, full of love and divine presence.

Thank you very much.

I.F., Targoviste