Just before I started doing the consecration I felt a very intense, even very dense column of energy that pierced me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, and I could feel it very acutely, as if it were, let’s say, 20 cm in diameter, so big and intense. But very dense, very dense energy. And it almost made me a little dizzy.

After that, before the spiral started, I listened to the testimony of our colleague that Andrei shared with us and I was very impressed by it because I could perceive, through empathy perhaps, some of the states that she had, so I was impressed and I liked it. And I also focused on the problems that I thought I wanted to solve. For me it was something I discovered in the camp when I read the holiday material about subtle parasitic entities.

I had certain health problems in recent years that I couldn’t explain, that came on suddenly after my grandmother died, and certain manifestations that I couldn’t fully understand in myself. Before my grandmother’s death there had been a certain event in my life that had traumatized me very much and I suspect, that was my assumption, that on these occasions certain parasitic entities had clung to my aura. In my grandmother’s case I suspect that there were fragments, as it says in the book, that there were certain fragments of her astral body. At the wake I stayed with her for two days, I only left to wash myself and that was it. And to eat eventually. And afterwards I felt a very intense headache. I felt like I couldn’t bear to be around her body anymore. And after that, certain manifestations began, certain gynaecological conditions that I couldn’t explain and that my grandmother had all her life.

Here at the spiral I thought and prayed to God before the spiral to help me eliminate, if there are really these fragments or even subtle parasitic entities in my subtle structure, to help me eliminate them, because they created various health problems for me. During the spiral, right at the beginning I noticed how I see a kind of bluish-white body on me, and on that body there was a cavity in the area of the genitals and even in the book it says that certain entities tend to nest in this area in women. And even at the last spiral in Herculane I had the feeling then that I had a dark spot in that area and during the spiral it was simply taken away by the flow of bright white energy during the spiral and disappeared into the light. Only there was something left there that was still giving me trouble. After the Herculane spiral I started to feel much better. But now I noticed that there was a kind of cavity there, and as I was looking at that cavity, I noticed that from the centre of the spiral, from the right of the middle pillar, so from that direction it came, there was a kind of star, a kind of quite big light. I couldn’t really tell, I think it was about 4 inches in diameter or something like that. And it instantly nestled into the cavity. Like it was drawn to that cavity that I was sensing in the area of my genitals and it started charging me with light. It began to expand and then I sensed how from it it began to expand onto my subtle body, onto the body I could see with my eyes closed, like water. A kind of golden water, with golden vines, that began to spread and I felt how it healed me, soothed that whole area and filled that whole area. After that it started spreading all over my body, I should say all over my body, because it didn’t go inside. And it spread more and more. When it reached the liver area, I noticed that I had the feeling that there was still some debris in my stomach and liver, because I always had problems with iron, with my liver, and I noticed that there was a dark area that this light, this light water was relieving and removing these problems. At one point I even had the feeling that my stomach became a kind of bright sun and projected light on my gall bladder. At one point I saw a kind of black snake clinging to my gall bladder, which was holding onto my gall bladder with its teeth. A thin, strange little snake that wouldn’t let go.

At the same time I could see, as it spiralled, how the light was getting brighter and brighter. So intense that it was blinding and extraordinarily pure. At one point, without realizing it, I stepped out of the little piece of cloth and felt as if I were standing on top of a precipice, as if I were standing in the air above a precipice. And when I opened my eyes I saw that I was no longer on the canvas. I turned back to the canvas and felt safe there on the piece of canvas.

What impressed me very, very much was that the light was extremely bright and you could feel it at the first songs. I felt that each song, that I forgot to mention, that each song for me modulated the energy in a certain way. I really felt how each sound carried the energy to us in a certain way, structured it in a certain way and even gave it a certain frequency of vibration and from song to song the energies were different, the states were different.

At one point the energy in the centre of the spiral became so intense that it just stretched out like a body above us. But before that I felt a very dense state there and I wondered what that was and I realized it was Grieg’s concentration. It was Grieg’s field of concentration that focused the energies and basically opened a portal through which this light and energy came in. That’s how I perceived it. I perceived that it was as if a portal had opened above the middle of the spiral through which an extraordinarily refined, fine, clear, beautiful, and very, very clean energy was entering. And at a certain point this light and energy spread out and took over the whole spiral.

In the meantime, I was trying to get rid of this little snake that didn’t want at all… At one point I really had the feeling that there was a wind blowing on a subtle level that had the very sense of the spiral, the yang sense, and it was picking up all kinds of debris and junk from our auras and this entity didn’t want at all to let the wind take it away. It was just hanging there and at one point I said, “Okay, do you really want it?” I actually had a bit of fun, it was like in the movies: “Do you want a piece of me?” and I said, “Here, take the piece and go!” and I imagined that I had torn off a piece of the subtle body and let it go with it. And in the place that was left empty (at that moment it was really the pipe tune) I perceived how those sounds of the pipe manifested as spiraling streams of light that focused exactly in the place where the empty place had remained and I felt how it flowed there like a kind of sap, just like when you break a branch from a tree and it immediately fills with sap to heal the place. That’s exactly how I felt: a dense energy that filled the place.

And afterwards I was in an extraordinarily beautiful state. I felt cleaner and cleaner, I felt that I had got rid of all the weirdness and all the ugly things in my aura. And I had exactly this state and then I realized why our colleague said she felt this resonance with perfection. And indeed, I felt perfect at that moment. I had the feeling that sahasrara had become a huge flower that had bloomed extraordinarily beautifully on my crown and it was like I had a huge sombrero in the shape of a lotus flower. It was like a water lily. I realized afterwards that it was a lotus. And then I saw the other centers of strength start to bloom, like smaller lotus or water lily flowers. And I felt extraordinarily harmonious and perfect. I felt perfect.

At one point I kept looking at this extraordinary energy that was coming upon us and I wondered, “But where are the angels? Where are my angel friends?” And the moment I became aware of where they might be, I saw them. I didn’t see very many of them, anyway, as I resonate. I saw a few angels come and spiral down, come out, seem to take something and come out and so on. It was kind of a back and forth. And at one point I even had a vision of an angel projecting light onto a particular being and that’s when I thought of the archangel Gabriel, who is my favorite. And he came. He came in front of me. Okay, I didn’t see his face. It was a very intense light, I could see some vaguely masculine features, but I recognized his presence by the resonance. By the emotional resonance. At one point I thought, “Is he really here, or is my mind playing tricks on me?” and I felt my Anahata vibrate like this, as if to say “I’m here”.

With each song, I don’t even remember – there were so many and so beautiful everything that many things I think I miss now.

Then at one point, at that song with the woman who was in orgasm, I noticed how suddenly, starting from the swadisthana chakra, my body and all the chakras became very, very bright. They were perfect vortices of light. But a very soft, very elevated, very beautiful light.

Before that I perceived how we were all sitting there in a spiral and there was this tent of dense and very intense light upon us, I perceived how suddenly from the ground some creatures, I don’t know what to call them, some snaking shadows came out of the ground and slid up my aura and went… I sensed that above my head a kind of tunnel of light had been created and they glided on my aura and disappeared in that tunnel of light. And I began to think: “My God, we’re waking up the dead here, what’s going on?” It was very, very intense and that tent of light transformed, at one point it became so intense and there was so much energy that it turned into a sphere. It exploded – so to speak – into a sphere of light, part of which was in the ground.

There were many states. I know that at one point I even felt that on that bluish-white body that cavity had closed, so it had completely disappeared. And even the area around the liver and stomach, where I was perceiving the shadow, also disappeared completely. And there were still more manifestations, but now I don’t remember them all. I’ll write them down at home.

But towards the end I noticed that the light was starting to narrow and it was already retreating to the last 3-4 songs, already the field was narrowing and already the states were no longer vertical, they were horizontal. As it soothed us, it was slowly, slowly returning us to our physical bodies. I felt like a child who had been carried by angels through all kinds of paradises, through all kinds of wonderful places and then is slowly, slowly brought back and gently put into his crib, into his physical body. And I really have had states like this where I have felt extraordinarily pure and tender and innocent as a little baby.

Then it struck me that a state came over me – I had the feeling that there was Krishna between us and Durga himself. At one point a vision of a sleeping lion came to me. And I thought, “But what’s a lion doing here? What could a lion of light be looking for?” And then the idea exploded in my mind “Well the lion is the vehicle of Durga”. And I perceived (this was before the field narrowed) how there was a very intense light, a consciousness watching over us and helping to eliminate all the ugliness that was leaving our auras.

And there was even at one point during the spiral, I don’t remember exactly when, when I had the feeling that it was as if from the center of the spiral some kind of suction force was exerted that pulled all kinds of filth out of us, but those things that were pulled out of us were not pulled through the bodies of those in front of us, but seemed to bypass them, I don’t know how to explain it. What was pulled out of a being went straight to the center, without going through the bodies of those in front of it. Then at the end I felt Krishna strongly. I felt his presence, I felt his colour, and I had the feeling at one point that we were under a peacock feather tent that was shrinking in a very refined way.

And at the end of it all, at the last song, I had the feeling that energies were circulating among us or a consciousness was circulating among us energetically and caressing us all and caressing us. And when it resumed these words stuck in my mind: “We will meet again”. I wondered what that meant. Who told me “We will meet again”? And then I thought, it occurred to me while I was thinking about it, that maybe it was a message from Grieg. Only he can confirm that. But it was a message for all of us, not just me.

Even during one of the last songs I had the feeling, when it was that rain song, that I was filling up with popcorn. I was flower girl next to flower girl and that rain was wetting all my little flowers and making me feel very happy.

And at the awareness I felt the energies and the divine attributes that Grieg was talking about coming down and coming in streams and waves.

There were many beautiful experiences. I thank God for all He manifested for us tonight and thank you Grieg for everything, for letting God manifest so overwhelmingly through you and I hope to see you again in this life. We love you! Thank you so much.

S.P., year 24, Bucharest