I want to testify about the event of last year in September 2015, which now, looking back, I see as a karma burn.

Regarding the 12 days of fasting that last year and this year I kept very lightly, I didn’t even feel like I was fasting, I felt a very strong support. After the September event I felt a state of inner peace, a state of calm that I had and a very peaceful mind. On September 17th, after my alarm went off at 6am, I heard it, but I couldn’t wake up. I went into a coma. My mother found me around 11 o’clock. I don’t remember, she told me afterwards. What I do remember was that there were four people in orange screaming at me and then I woke up in the hospital. There was a friend of mine in the hospital, who I recognized by her voice, a classmate, and I could hear, I guess, the doctor who had admitted me, that in my condition and how bad my condition was, I didn’t have much chance of living. They had diagnosed me with meningitis.

I could hear, but I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move and I couldn’t see, but I could hear those around me. And by my nature I’m a very clumsy creature and when I heard the doctor say that only God can save me, I said I’ll get up now and see what I scare them. But unfortunately, the body did not listen to me. Beatrice, my classmate, held my hand and kept whispering, “Be strong, Julia. Your classmates are blessing you and they’ve also lit an offering of light for you and you just have to be here and participate.” At that moment I looked at myself with my mind’s eye. The physical ones I couldn’t even open. And I could see that nothing was flickering inside me, but I could see myself connected to everyone else around me by unseen threads, which began to fill with light, a light that came from everywhere. It was a light like sunlight, bright and life-giving.

What was very interesting to me was that I couldn’t see who it was coming from, but I could feel who it was that was sending it to me. It was the light of blessings, I realized later, and that light was love for me. I could feel how at the level, in the sphere of the subtle force centre anahata chakra everything was filling up and then charging my whole being, a whole system of energy channels that I was not aware of before. Then I felt that in those blessings God is present. I saw God as a Light in which we all are, a Light full of love, giving us life.

Thank you.

P.I., Piatra Neamt