During this year’s (2016) Yogic Spiritual Holiday Camp in Costinești, I experienced many wonderful spiritual states for which I am deeply grateful to God. The peak of these wonderful states was reached for me during the meditation of gratitude towards God the Father at the end of the Special Healing Event.

Just as we were all preparing for the unison utterance of the specific formula of gratitude, I intensely felt a rapid raising of the frequency of vibration in my whole being. Then I perceived how God reminded me that not long ago He had saved my very life. Immediately afterwards I perceived how He came to me, I felt His mysterious presence there in front of me, and I felt very, very small compared to Him.

I perceived how He hugged me tightly, showing me also in this way that He loves me. I was overwhelmed and started to cry.

This special state lasted several minutes and astounded me.

Thank you for all the Grace I felt then, in those moments.

Z.A., Bucharest