I would like to say that I am very serious about having a state of aspiration, exactly as indicated, and asking God to help me. I really felt very quickly, so about the beginning, an overwhelming state and I cried very loudly and I could no longer say to God “Lord God”, but it was actually like calling Him “Father, Father!” I was even telling Him that I loved Him, it was like I had found Him so deeply.

I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B and at one point I really felt like I was being operated on, like I was having surgery, and at one point if I focused on the area on the top of my head and it was like God was telling me that now He was healing me. Now I’m going to see in the next period to what extent the healing takes place. I am happy for what happened to me and I would like to tell you that you could think more often that God really is our Father and have that state of being a child of God.

I wish you a great success!

M.G., 3rd year, Vienna