In the morning when I woke up and I was still in bed, I was already half awake I could say, I felt in a very special way the presence of angelic entities that seemed to gather in view of a great celebration, a party. I sensed the presence of a whole angelic legion and a special euphoric state. When I started to come towards the spiral and went out into the street I felt that everything was different, the flowers had a special brightness, everything was very, very beautiful. I felt very happy and in a magical state. I was deeply fascinated by the way the angelic entities were preparing for this event so that they could really be of use, of help to us all. At the same time I felt in a very special way the effect of the mixture of healing herbs that transformed and prepared me and I felt the corresponding states.

During the spiral meditation I had certain states, but intermittently, so not continuously. I don’t know exactly why it happened exactly like that. I had a very special experience of deep euphoria and a state of happiness. I experienced a state of deification or a godly being. I felt and also subtly saw how the heavens opened up and from there a sublime healing light poured over the whole spiral field, flooding us, infusing us all. On my chest I felt the appearance and even the accumulation of a certain kind of subtle nectar and even on my breasts I felt that this nectar filled me, it had a milk-like consistency. For me this experience was new, absolutely new and very special. This nectar had a very, very pleasant slightly sweet taste and it impregnated me even at the soul level. At the same time I experienced a state in which it was clear to me that the good Lord holds each one of us in His hands and even embraces us. Every state, every experience was very, very beautiful, wonderful and very special for me.

Next to me on a chair sat a sick man. And I asked God to help this man in the process of his healing. At one point I found myself projected out into the subtle plane and sensed the presence of Jesus and God. And I saw from this perspective how this man was lying before me and I felt as if Jesus was helping me, supporting me so that even through my being the healing of this human being, of this man, could really happen. This experience was special for me because I feel that it was a sign, a light that showed me what I needed to awaken in my being. I say this because I was aware of and felt a certain lack in my being – that faith as big as a mustard seed, as Grieg said quoting Jesus, so that this healing could take place through my being. And for this reason I felt that I was not yet ready, not yet ready to contribute to such a healing process.

Grieg, I kindly ask you if you could exemplify in a meditation what exactly this state is like when you really believe in God. So that through this exemplification my transformation becomes even more complete, that I can feel and understand exactly the essence of this reality of faith.

I thank you with a heart full of gratitude for all the gifts and all the grace that you bestow upon us and for all that I am able to experience here at this camp.

Thank you.

G.T., year 19, Odorheiu Secuiesc